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14 February 2011

Russ & Daughters


It almost feels like you have validated yourself when a server at Russ & Daughters compliments you on your sandwich selections. Usually you see them grumpy, telling customers to get a number, or huffing when their money is not ready at the end of an order. But this last time, there it was, a nice loud "these are two good looking sandwiches, well done."

The place has been famous for a while, but it got even bigger recognition when the Heebster sandwich made some big sandwich list. But do yourself a favor and get the wasabi flying fish roe upgrade to the Super Heebster ($10.45, above, shown on sesame). Both sandwiches use their amazing whitefish and baked salmon salad as well as horseradish dill cream cheese.

This place is about fish, so don't be fooled by the Pastrami Russ ($10.45, above, shown on pumpernickel), which is actually pastrami-cured salmon. This delicious selection is a flavor burst, combined with their sauerkraut and spicy mustard.

It is also fun to browse the dried fruits, chocolates, and smoked fishes sold here. Just coming in and having a good sniff and see is worth it any time you are in the neighborhood.

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