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20 January 2011

[CLOSED] Cevap Truck



Ahh, the beautiful warm red glow of ajvar, a Balkan red pepper sauce used in so many ways. Whenever I see it I am ready to smother all my food with it and eat. I was not impressed with the ajvar however when I visited Ukus in Astoria, but I think I might need to return as all their ingredients have improved for their foray into the world of food trucks.

The bright green truck is very easy to spot on the street, and so far has been seen in two lunch locations, 21st and Broadway, and more recently on 5th Avenue near 22nd Street.

Just like the restaurant, this truck focuses on ćevapi ($5, above), small meat links served with bread, ajvar, and creamy kaymak. The bread is once again outstanding, but as I stated before the meat is much better than my experience in Astoria. I think it all is prepared there though, as the meat is re-grilled to order. Despite this, the spices are very intense and the sandwich makes a quick and filling lunch.

I tried to go on a rainy day at first but the truck was nowhere to be found unfortunately. Make sure to call ahead just to make sure if you are coming from afar. They also have a pljeskavica ($5, called "burger") and many types of burek, a delicious pastry that can be savory or sweet.

Check website or Twitter for location.
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