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02 December 2010

Super Taste


The menu at Super Taste is pretty typical of a hand-pulled noodles joint in Chinatown, as is the food. Good, warming soups and quality homemade noodles. But one thing sets Super Taste apart from its competition is the amazing Mount Qi beef noodle ($7, below), a bright red, almost glowing bowl of hand-pulled noodles with some really incredible spicing. The sign on the wall reads a long list of awkwardly stated qualities, but they are all true. It's like magic. Thin, chewy, shiny, fried, sour spicy and good smell!

While you're at it, a big plate (on the last visit they were served in this bowl) of Sichuan style dumplings ($4.75, below) is a good deal. The small place will bring out each dish at wildly different times, even when everything is ordered at once time, but somehow it is charming, and lets you focus on one item at a time.

Mix up all the juices underneath.

On a recent visit, I was actually coming for reganmian, or Wuhan hot dry noodles (武漢熱乾麵), a dish on the "Top 10 Famous Noodles" list created in 2013 by China's Ministry of Commerce and its Hotel Association. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province, a place where these twice cooked chewy noodles can be found everywhere for breakfast at street stalls. The dish is simple but relies on sesame paste, chili oil, scallions, garlic chives, and soy sauce.

On the English menu, you will find it listed as hot sesame noodle ($4.50, above), and if we're being honest, it falls flat and is not prepared in the proper way.

Even so, I still dream of Mount Qi. You should too.

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