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13 December 2010

[CLOSED] Noodle King



The large sign above the windows reads "Family Noodle Restaurant" but a smaller set of stickers on the window says simply: "Noodle King." I am not quite sure if the name changed or the restaurant switched everything and just decided not to take down the retro lettering, but the menus inside revealed the true name.

Noodle King is simple, cheap, Cantonese food, with steaming windows in cold weather and great broth-y soups. They prepare plenty of staple rice dishes that almost seem like western Chinese takeout style, but the noodles and dumplings and wonton are spot on.

The roast pork noodle soup ($4, above) might be a safe choice without exoticism, but it will always satisfy. The slices of meat, with marvelously crispy skins are balanced with good shrimp dumplings and the usual hard Cantonese noodles. The broth is salty just like you want it.

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