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27 October 2010

[CLOSED] Skyway Malaysian Restaurant



Malaysian restaurants love to build overhanging roofs made of wood inside, and Skyway is no different. It also takes the fake Asian motifs a step further and add some red lanterns. But don't let this put you off, as it's a workaday place with friendly service and above-average food.

Start off with the standard roti canai ($1.95, above) and Ipoh bean sprouts ($3.50, below). Admittedly I ordered the latter because the city of Ipoh was an amazing delight for the food lover, but the sprouts were still a good pick.

Skyway soars with its rendition of achat ($4.95, below), another appetizer of pickled vegetables laced with peppers. The mixture of peanuts adds another nice texture, and the spiciness of the dish waits a while to creep up on you.

Fried pearl noodles ($6.95, below) are predictable in their pleasantness and also adding many sprouts to your meal. The sticky sauce covers the fat noodles and vegetables, and you can almost imagine yourself eating it at a night market.

Skyway lobak ($7.95, above) is a plate of crispy-fried wonton, tofu, and meat rolls. Lobak is always a fascinating dish, but Skyway's version might be the least interesting I have eaten. That being said, the plate was clean by the end of the meal.

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