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09 March 2010

Tesoro Salvadoreño Restaurant


Somerset Street (also County Road 531) feels like most main drags through small town America, but if you look a little closer, you still know you're somewhat close to New York City, as the stores and restaurants cater mostly to migrant Latin American populations. I would definitely like to try more of the restaurants out, but on a chilly winter day I chose Tesoro, partly for the promise of "treasure" within, and partly because it just looked like it would be tasty.

The place reads a bit different on the inside though, as televisions play fútbol matches on weekends and neon signs, beer cases, and an all-female waitstaff make it an obvious sports bar retreat for men on their day off.

The menu is full of $10+ entrees, but we were more in the mood to sample smaller dishes and have an assortment. The pupusas (below) were standard but well done, their cheeses oozing out of the fried cakes.

The tamales (below), as most restaurant varieties tend to be, were lifeless and required a healthy dollop of the accompanying crema, which was also good for the fried sweet plantains.

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