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23 February 2010

Hop Shing Restaurant


So let's get one things straight: This is a dim sum restaurant. But for my tastes, it fails in that regard, the dim sum selections are fine at least early in the day, but the results, albeit super cheap, are pretty blah.

But the real reason to come in here and jostle with the crowds is the sweet pastries, in particular the gai mei bao ($0.80, below), the city's best 80 cents spent. The recipe of these buns are simple, filled with sugar and shredded coconut, but the results are surprisingly fulfilling by all measures.

It might take you more than 10 minutes to work your way past the others and win the shouting match to get the employees attention, but don't be shy. Pull out your money and wave it a bit, give the old guy next to you a little elbow to let him know you were there first, and relax outside in Chatham Square once you score your bounty.

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