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22 November 2009

Rudy's Pastry Shop


To walk into Rudy's is to be a bit overwhelmed on a couple different fronts. It's very bright and you are immediately surrounded by reflective glass surfaces on all sides. Display cases, refrigerators, windows. Luckily the staff here is patient and doesn't demand orders right away.

Given a little time to nose around, there are many items that deserve an "ooh" and an "ahhh" around this upscale pastry shop. I did not know this until after my visit, but Konditorei in German hints at the fancy factor of a bakery, a place that supposedly is more classy than a normal humdrum shop. Don't let that scare you off though, Rudy's is a very friendly place despite having some very fancy and expensive items.

With a little time, a small plate of small pieces from their German selections is recommended (they also have Italian cookies and American cakes but those looked less appetizing). In the past few years, they have added extra seating and even wifi.

Grab a linzer tart cookie ($3, below) to snack on with your coffee.

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  1. I was amazed at the awe-inspiring tasty delights and super attentive and friendly staff at Rudy's. I went in looking for a simple coffee and I walked out with a frothy sweet iced cappuccino sprinled with cinnamon and a cheese danish plus an apple ring for my family. That night, everyone asked where I had bought this delicious danish! Rudy's pastries and specialty coffees are well worth tasting!

  2. Great pastries, knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices!

  3. I walked into Rudy's today after having been out of ridgewood for some time and was amazed as to the changes that have been made. They now have a full cafe with seating and and espresso bar! I bought a variety of cupcakes and each one was delicious. The sales girl was also nice enough to make me sample their home made gelato and it is by far the best I have ever tasted.i would recommend everyone to go to Rudy's and enjoy their new cafe