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26 November 2009

Ba Xuyên


While the trendsters are debating bánh mi shops in Chinatown Manhattan, head out to Sunset Park for the absolute best (if not the cheapest anymore since prices have gone up to $5 for every option) sandwiches in town. Ba Xuyên has been the New York City standard for many years and still is.

On a recent morning visit, I was also pleasantly surprised by the excellent regular coffee ($1, small). For something more unique order the Vietnamese coffee (listed on the board in English as "hot coffee (special)", $2.25). It takes a few minutes to prepare, but it is fun to watch them as they filter it and the ladies prepare sandwiches for all the hungry customers.

The bánh mi ($5, below) uses the freshest bread and ingredients, and is about as good as it gets for New York, which still lags behind even Philadelphia or Washington D.C. 

Also of note if you are hungry for more, they now prepare a delicious seafood soup, as well as spring and summer rolls packaged for takeaway. During lunchtime (the main meal here), you see many people getting the box lunch ($5, below), which has a couple different selections daily. This one is the shredded pork and BBQ pork combo over rice.

Fried noodles will only set you back $2.50 or so.

Now lunch portions of bun are available for takeout.


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  1. I agree with you - it is up there, if not at the top of the list...


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