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20 August 2009

Cachapas Y Mas

Now with larger storefront (and prices)

After a recent visit to the Patacón Pisao food truck in Inwood, I was instantly addicted to the unique sandwiches. Flattened and fried plantains make the things unique, but it is really the juices of the meats within that pack the punch. Either way, the patacón was so memorable that I have been thinking about it everyday this week.

If you visit this far uptown late night spot from the A train, a walk down Dyckman Street is necessary and yields Cachapas Y Mas, which actually has the same owners and is a spawn of the truck. The menus are almost identical, the prices equal. (EDIT: I was contacted and told that the ownership has now changed hands and the two are unaffiliated)

The sandwich seemed to come out a little larger, but the meats were marinated less as I was dripping at a rate of only 25% the one I had around the corner. This might seem like a good thing, but something just seemed off after such a pleasure at the truck.

Don't get me wrong though, this is still an excellent (and cheap!) beast. The patacón mixto ($5, above) comes with your choice of two meats (instead of three like the "full"). Unlike the truck you can eat at the small window counter or one of two booths inside the store, but the place is very hot during the summer and walking outside to eat is not a bad idea.

The cachapas are simple large corn cakes, folded over the ingredients (many similar choices) like a quesadilla and also grilled. In my opinion though, the "y mas" is the reason to come both here and to the food truck nearby.

The menu also consists of arepas, tacuchos, pepitos, and empanadas, which all might warrant a try if I lived nearby but are impossible to eat after such a large sandwich.

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