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14 June 2009

[CLOSED] Sheep Station



Brunch here is too tempting to miss. $11.95 without alcohol, $14.95 with. The choices are available for breakfast (brekkie) tastes and lunch, but it seemed natural that we swayed towards that would accompany our coffee and mimosas.

The Aussie-style cassoulet (below) is a meat extravaganza, a thick bean "stew" with sausage, chicken and lamb. It could stand being spiced up with some Tabasco sauce but is otherwise meatily delicious. The egg on top serves to make it a breakfast dish I suppose, while the delicious toast is actually what provides the alternate medium to the thick stew. It's surprisingly not so greasy for something so meaty as well.

The poached eggs with country ham (below) is basically a rendition of eggs benedict, but with two spectacular toasted crumpets substituting for the English muffins. The hollandaise sauce is mediocre and used sparingly, which the fresh baby arugula and potatoes make for good accompaniments.

The restaurant is in all-around good taste. The decor is pointedly worn, with depressed brick, weathered wainscoting, and items that might appear to be scavenged from the junkyard. It all works though and is done tastefully, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


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