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01 June 2009

[CLOSED] El Sitio



It's cheaper to sit at the bar then to get a table, or so I heard, so every time I venture in here I always gravitate towards the cute counter and watch the ladies work while I grab a lunch. 9 times out of 10 I have come here with a sandwich Cubano ($4.35, below) on my mind, but every once in a while I will venture another way.

The sandwich is definitely good, but I find all the conversation about where to find the best Cubano in New York (or anywhere for that matter) to be a waste of time. Either a place makes a good one or a bad one, but it is such a simple pleasure that it really does not warrant a philosophical discussion.

To be sure, El Sitio makes a good one. And for the atmosphere I also love this place. It's a working diner with fading and worn orange formica counters. The track lighting above was put right over the fan which makes for a strobe effect that would probably be banned in Japan. The ladies yell out orders to each other and to the back kitchen, all the while greeting regulars that come in to pick up their takeout orders.

After a meal, the café con leche ($1) is always a good way to wash everything down.

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