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26 May 2009

Udon West


It took me far longer to step down into Udon West on St. Marks Place than it should have. I think of all the noodles in the world, udon is right up there at the top of the list.

Udon West will not take the honor of best udon on the street, but it scores points on a couple important price fronts. First of all, the "sets" on the back of the menu are particularly good deals, and the gyu-don set ($9.95, below) was a decent meal, scoring probably a B or B+ for both the udon and donburi dishes. The meat of the gyu-don was very tender and thin-sliced, perfect accompaniment for the rice.

I also really like the atmosphere of the place, and it is comfortable to sit at the long bar to enjoy your meal and get going. If staying for a while is what you prefer though, they have $2.50 draught specials when you are eating.

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