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03 May 2009

Romania Day Festival


After walking a dozen blocks through the standard New York City street fair (avoid at all costs), emerging at Bowling Green for the Romania Day Festival is a bit of a disappointment. The crowd gathers in front of the National Museum of the American Indian, for a small stage crafted from a tractor, and a live performance. The music is fun and a circle of dance seems to be enjoying themselves.

The most disappointing part of the festival is the lack of food. Two local restaurants set up a total of three booths, but offer the same two products with no variation. I picked up one sarmale ($2, below) and got what I expected. The minced pork stuffed inside of cabbage was a bit on the oily side, but enjoyable. They throw in a slice of bread with everything you buy. I was not impressed by the grilled meats that resembled cevapi, so I decided to head back and enjoy the music.

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