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21 February 2009

[CLOSED] Krishna Cuisine



On a street with so many good Indian options to choose from, that it could actually cause a headache, Krishna Cuisine stands out for the aptly named family dosa ($13.50, below). This four foot monster comes out from the kitchen with a smile, and with two plates. We debated whether they should buy some ample trays for transporting this, but after tearing it apart figured it was best that we had two.

The best part of the arrangement was that each of us received a group of bowls to accompany the dosa. Two were filled with chutneys, and a larger one filled with a sambar, a vegetable stew also great for dipping. The last was a spicy potato masala that usually is the filling, but was ready for us to wrap our dosa around, which I found more enjoyable than the normal experience.

Krishna Cuisine is an entirely vegetarian restaurant, and also alcohol-free. Two of us showed up to the area an hour before we were supposed to meat another two, and walked in to ask if they served beer while we waited, but received the answer "No, just vegetarian." I was a bit speechless, but all in good fun there was another lost in translation story. Walking and laughing down the street, we became worried that the lady that greeted us actually thought we said "beef" instead, which probably would have gotten us blacklisted at a vegetarian Indian joint. Here is to hoping...

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  1. thx for the recommendation! had a great bday at this place ... five of us enjoyed the giant dosa


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