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27 February 2009



It might have been the right time of day or it might always be like this, but I felt like the only person in the world the first time I came here. Upon opening the door, both women working behind the counter smiled and said "merhaba," Turkish for hello. I did not know where to start, so I asked for their help in putting together a plate of pastries so that I could sample a variety of items. I sat down, and after only a couple of minutes was presented with this:

Clockwise starting from the top left, they selected sari burma, baklava with cherry, miniture pistachio dürüm, and sütlü nuriye. The plate only came to $5.50, and I also ordered a glass of ayran ($2.50) to wash everything down. Only the dürüm stood out from the others in texture, as a very densely packed pistachio. It tasted the least sweet, but might have been my favorite. The sütlü nuriye, (meaning Nuriye with milk, possibly named after the woman who first invented it), was just like baklava but the upgrade of milk in the syrup made it ooze its insides with the slightest squeeze. The others were both wet on the insides and very sweet, my preference with the cherry filling.

Afterwards when one of the women brought me the check, I asked her the names of everything and she sat down with me to write them, and explain the best she could. I felt at home and almost did not want to leave the very comfortable and friendly place.

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