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25 February 2009

San Antonio Bakery


[These scenes are from the now closed San Antonio Bakery #2 in Astoria. All of these items and much more can still be found at the Valley Stream location]

Despite the recent look of the old awning (UPDATE: It's so shiny and new now!), San Antonio Bakery #2 (#1 is in Valley Stream, Long Island) is alive and well inside. For as long as I have lived in New York City, they have not raised the prices on the main items and still churn out everything at the same quality.

The delicious baked Chilean empanadas de pino ($3.50, below) are a bit larger than their northern neighbors, and filled with mincemeat, onions, olives, and hard-boiled egg. Each one of them is a meal, and made just as well here as any that I had in Santiago.

No visit is complete without trying the Chilean-style hot dog, called a completo ($3.50, below). Served larger than a standard American dog, these are slathered with avocado (a passion of the country) and topped with fresh tomatoes and mayo. The bun is toasted just right and creates a splendid opposite for the gooey soft interior. It is quite a unique meal here in New York City, but you can find it on any street in Chile. Don't leave without trying one of these beauties.

The restaurant has a variety of sandwiches, most of which are $6.50 and very filling. The chacarero ($6.50, below), has sliced churrasco-style beef and is served on bread they bake, like all the other sandwiches. It also has fresh tomatoes and green beans, something you do not see on every sandwich. The house salsa you are given when ordering anything gives the creation a very nice peppery kick.

The bakery also prepares a good selection of sweet pastries which are perfect for taking home once filled with the completo. The owner is very nice and will tell you the history of everything if you express just the slightest interest.

174 Rockaway Avenue
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  1. A little over price this bakery,they should be more friendly the owner need to be nice to the people who go to expend money at her bakery,went you look for chilean food you want to experience a nice athmosphere to go to, please put smile on you face no one goes there to ask for free food.


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