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17 January 2011



Geido is a lovely place, probably Brooklyn's finest Japanese restaurant, serving very fresh sushi and a full menu of noodles, nabes, and other dishes. The spot is unique, with graffiti covering the otherwise stark white walls, and a large open feeling not usual of casual Japanese restaurants.

The sushi chefs here know what they are doing and the fish is almost always fresh. It is not surprising that the place is nearly always crowded at peak times, a favorite of the neighborhood. The seafood okonomiyaki ($8.75, below) is a great way to start any meal, fresh and full of flavors, like you just cooked it yourself in Osaka.

The nabe and noodle dishes here are where Geido continues to shine. Sometimes it is hard to find decent noodles, but the pork nabeyaki udon (below) is a winner. The noodles are above average, the slices of meat finely cooked, and the broth delicious especially for colder months.

The tempura soba (below) is another good noodle soup, spicy if you want it that way, with another very solid broth. The soba noodles here and tempura bits are obviously made with care.

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  1. Hi there,

    Nice post! I actually live just down the street from Geido and like it very much, but if you want excellent Japanese food in the area I'd suggest Yamato on 7th Ave and 1st St or Ginza on 5th Ave (hibachi!) Thanks for some Brooklyn restaurant shares :)

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