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22 December 2010

[CLOSED] Madiba


[Original post updated 22 December 2010]

[Post again updated 08 February 2018]
In South Africa, Nelson Mandela is referred to as uTatu Madiba, an honorary title given by elders of his clan. This should be enough to tip you to the cuisine inside, and if not the giant South African flag overlaid on a map of Africa might just do the trick. They're certainly proud here, but I wonder what other countries on the world's most diverse continent might think of this artistic statement. I am sure it is good-intentioned, but it really weirds me out.

They have a nice selection of South African wines, and even mulled wine in cold weather, I opted instead for a refreshing guava juice ($4, below) which complimented the meal nicely.

The starters menu is filled with appetizing options but we limited ourselves to one since we had our minds set on two entrees. The farm-raised ostrich carpaccio ($14, below), at first appears like a pile of arugula and spinach on top of a burgundy-colored sauce, but it turns out that the burgundy color is actually the meat. Carpaccio is similar to prosciutto, but this meat is very juicy and oily, the dark meat gamier than other birds.

That's not sauce on the plate!

To come here and not order the bobotie ($16, above) would somehow be a terrible shame. The dish originates from Dutch East Indies influences, but also seems to show relation to Indian food. Since the country has a large Indian population, this makes sense, but upon further research it is completely of Southeast Asian origin. Either way, the minced meat, rice, and five sauces that could be mistaken for chutneys, make for a nice array of ways to eat the dish. The meat could stand on its own but certainly improves with these surroundings.

Other more well-known influences are present in the Kalk Bay fish parcel ($16.50, below), a delicious fish n' chips that includes very nicely fried calamari as well. The fish, squid, and chips are all bundled in a wrapper and served with ketchup and tarter sauce.

Great food and atmosphere make this a really nice spot for dinner for two.

A second meal at the beginning of 2018 included the following options:

Mozambican prawns $26

Pap & boerewors $20

Chicken curry in bunny chow $22 (below also)

🇿🇦 🇿🇦 🇿🇦
195 Dekalb Avenue
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