09 May 2011

SmokeHouse Chili Grill

It looked like most of the clientele was backwards baseball cap wearing students from nearby Iona College, but this did not stop us from pulling in and enjoying some chili in their nice outdoor patio.

Right to the heart of the idea here is to enjoy the SmokeHouse original recipe chili ($4.25 cup, $5.25 bowl, $6.25 bread bowl), voted "best chili in Westchester" by Westchester Magazine. I am not sure who did the voting, and the menu does not say, but the chili is indeed good. You won't find beans in this blend, a mixture of sweet Italian sausage, bacon, and ground beef that does pack a good heat.

If you want more than a simple bowl of chili, find something to spread it on. The chili dawg ($3.25, below) makes a nice place to put your chili, and can only lead to dreams of one day concurring the dirty dawg ($10), which is two full foot long hot dogs smothered in chili and cheese that comes with a side as well.

Another good place for the chili to come to rest is on a portion of fire fries ($4 half order, below). The fries are decent enough, but chili fries are always good.

The menu here does more than chili though, and can satisfy all (hungry) desires. Under the slider section is the pulled pork slider ($2.25 each or $8 for 4, below), which is served with a small portion of coleslaw.

The place seems to have a good reputation for their wings, but also on the chicken side of things is the almost comically plated dish of cajun grilled chicken strips ($7.50, below). On a massive plate of mostly fries are laid three tiny chicken pieces, which are good but just too amusingly small to enjoy completely.

Order a cup of draught root beer ($2, free refill) to wash it all down, it's very good. Next time I come I might make it a root beer float ($4), and if it's Friday then you can partake in Blue Point beer battered fish & chips, which sounds excellent.

606 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY

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