26 July 2010

Xi'an Famous Foods

Xi'an Famous Foods is invading Manhattan, becoming an empire, and I better review them fast! I've actually never tried the one inside of Flushing Mall, but the basement Main Street location in Flushing has been a great place to fill yourself for $2.50 for quite some time. The lamb cumin "burger" (below) is one of the best deals in the city, and the $2 pork version is pretty tasty as well.

The noodles and soups at Xi'an are definitely above average as well, although more normally priced. The new East Village location offers a few places to sit and eat them, but doesn't have the character of the Flushing or Chinatown shops.

I think it will remain on-the-go food for me for some time.

Proof that the noodle soups are super fresh

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41-28 Main Street (Basement #36), Flushing NY
Xi'an Famous Foods on Urbanspoon

Flushing Mall, Flushing NY

Chinatown, 88 East Broadway (door on Forsyth), New York NY
Xi'an Famous Foods on Urbanspoon

East Village, 81 St. Marks Place, New York
Xi'an Famous Foods on Urbanspoon