17 July 2009

The Snug


Before you reach the end of City Island and all the hoping seafood joints that cause weekend traffic to line City Island Avenue, The Snug sits quietly waiting for customers, offering the promise of Guinness and fish n' chips. It has the normal Irish kitsch, street signs and posters, but it is less of an Irish bar than a local pub.

The place advertises it's "traditional" fish n' chips ($14.95, below) outside and seems proud of them. They come in six small pieces over a healthy bed of well-made chips. I could not distinguish whether the fish "nuggets" were cod or haddock, but as usual it all tasted more like salt and vinegar after I fully lathered it up.

City Island in general can feel a bit unwelcoming to visitors, but The Snug is a friendly place to have a couple pints and fill up. I was surprised at how friendly our service was, and would have loved to stay even longer.