01 July 2009

Corner 28


There is a massive buffet just inside the windows and doors, but you need not actually step foot indoors to sample some "Rice wrap" from one of the window vendors.

It's certainly not the most beautiful thing you will ever eat, but for $1.50, the pork rice wrap really can't beat. The rice in question actually makes sort of a crepe-like dough, similar to how it is used in Taiwanese cooking. A sticky goo is probably more accurate, but when the pork, an egg (extra $0.50), and sauces are all mixed in, the goo is delicious.

It all takes about three minutes from start to finish, and the best part is when they take it out of the little oven and scrap everything off into a styrofoam container like the one above. Unceremonious, yes, but the hustle and bustle of this corner on the main drag of Flushing is a great place to eat such a food.

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