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09 February 2009

Smoke Joint


If you have ever had BBQ anywhere that BBQ is cared about, it is probably wise to stay away from it here. It is obvious that most customers (like myself, admittedly) are not experts and therefore do not require authenticity. That being said, even I can be disappointed with what costs way too much for what you get here. Meals are not cared for, and thrown into paper containers and dished out. The place tries to stay true to the idea of smoked BBQ in decor, and most materials are wood. Two men prepare all the food behind the counter, and look none too happy to be there. They make the woman behind the register ask how your day is going, but her over-the-top chirpiness makes you smile anyways.

The bright spot on the menu is the "Hacked and Stacked" sandwiches ($7.50), available in your choice of pork, beef, or chicken. The "Construction Special" upgrade (fries) costs an extra $1.50, and is usually added to the order without asking, which I don't really like. I always give in though, because the fries are quite good. Quickly grabbing one in the early afternoon is one of the neighborhood's best lunch options.

The "Construction Special" (This is the pork version)
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