12 November 2008

Traditional Xinjiang Barbecue Carts

china (xinjiang province)
Conveniently located near the end of the 7 Train, there exist magical, albeit removable, food carts serving traditional BBQ from the Xinjiang province of Western China. Since there are a few of these, in my opinion it is best to get a couple sticks from each.

Xinjiang is more Central Asian than "typical" Chinese, closely related to its "-stan" neighbors to the west, even more remote in some respects than Tibet. Don't expect immigrants from Xinjiang to actually be tending to these carts, but do expect mouth-watering satisfaction. And at $1 per stick, it is a clear front-runner for best dollar spent in the city.

Make sure to get plenty of spice added to your selections of chicken, beef, and lamb!

Xinjiang BBQ Cart on Urbanspoon